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Paul Callow, a convicted rapist recently completed his 20 year prison… - Surrey [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 24th, 2007|11:34 am]


Paul Callow, a convicted rapist recently completed his 20 year prison sentence. During this time he did receive some therapy, but did not seem to respond to it. He admitted to his psychologist that he had indeed raped 26 women, not only the 5 he was convicted of and showed no remorse.

Also while in jail he attempted to rape a nurse during drug counseling.
This man is apparently moving into the Newton area and I for one will not stand for it. He committed the crimes in Ontario and is never allowed to set foot in Ontario again, so why should we be stuck with him? He was incarcerated before the dangerous offenders act came into play, so instead of being slowly integrated into society he was just released. As of Feb 23rd he is a free man and is apparently choosing to reside in Newton.

I have contacted the Mayor of Surrey Dianne Watts and together we are organizing a rally. If you want something to say about this, or want to support the protection of women over the protection of the “rights” of a convicted rapist I urge you to join us.

Make a sign (something along the lines of "Safety of the community" or "Protect Women" “Every woman is someone's daughter” or anything you come up with yourself) and join us at the Newton Exchange Bus Loop at 72nd and 138th near the Newton Wave Pool at 2pm on Sunday February 25th, 2007. Bring your family, friends and please forward this to everyone on your email lists. We have to get the word out that a convicted rapist, who is at high risk to re offend is living in our area.

News crews will be on the scene.

Even if you can't make it to the rally, show your support by sending this to everyone you can.


This rally is more about wanting to make the public aware that he is here than trying to chase him out into other people's areas. Just to clarify.